Slovenian news article covers Fon Tacer Lab research and Klementina’s career path

For World Cancer Day on February 4th, the Slovenian Press Agency published an interview with Dr. Fon Tacer about her research…

“Studying the development of cancer in animals and the comparative biology of cancer opens the door to a better understanding and treatment of this disease in humans as well…Although most research focuses on studying how to better target [MAGE] proteins, in our research group we take a different approach and study what their primary role is. Only when we have a good understanding of their biology will we be able to better develop more effective cancer therapies.”

…and career path between Slovenia and the U.S.

“I think that outside our home borders, we realize and begin to appreciate even more the value of the education that was available to us at home and enabled us to find new opportunities abroad. That’s why [researchers working abroad] want to help the homeland and, in some way, give back to it what we got from it.” -Dr. Klementina Fon Tacer

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