Inaugural Amarillo Research Symposium showcases research at TTU

The inaugural Amarillo Research Symposium held at TTU School of Veterinary Medicine on April 19, 2024, highlighted the research accomplishments of students and faculty in their respective fields of study with poster and oral presentations in morning and afternoon sessions. Holly Wei, PhD, Dean of TTUHSC School of Nursing, presented the keynote lunch seminar “A Unified Odyssey to Promote Healthcare Interprofessional Well-being.”

Several members of Fon Tacer lab shared their research with poster and oral presentations:

Sima Tozandehjani: (ORAL) MAGEA6 Upregulates MAPK and AMPK Signaling Pathways in Pancreatic Cancer Cells to Promote Survival under Nutrient Stress

Jorge Diaz-Riaño: (POSTER) Single-cell Testicular Transcriptomics of Donkey (Equus asinus (Ass)): Novel Insights into Spermatogenesis and Male Fertility 

Maria Camila Hoyos-Sanchez: (ORAL) Magea genes have a protective role in spermatogenesis during stress to preserve male fertility *Phi Zeta Outstanding Graduate Student in Oral Presentation

Tara Bayat: (ORAL) mRNA Translational Alteration in the MAGEL2- KO Mouse Hypothalamus and Pituitary under Normal Conditions and during Stress

Farzana Popy: (POSTER) High-fat diet induces expression of Maged1 and Maged2 in mouse liver tumors – comparative model for HCC *Phi Zeta Outstanding Graduate Student in Poster Presentation

Denis Štepihar: (POSTER) Novel Insight into MAGEL2 Roles in Prader-Willi and Schaaf-Yang Syndromes by Examining Interaction Partners in Hypothalamus

Brooke Foster: (ORAL) Melanoma antigen proteins (MAGEs) in equine melanomas: comparative analysis *Phi Zeta Outstanding Veterinary Student in Oral Presentation

Kayla Justiss: (POSTER) First insight into the expression of melanoma antigen genes (MAGEs) in equine melanomas

Luciana Kluppel: (POSTER) γKlotho protein and miRNAs as potential prognostic markers and therapeutic targets in breast cancer and canine mammary carcinoma: One health insight *Amarillo Research Symposium Outstanding Poster Presentation

Congrats to Camila, Farzana, Luciana, and Brooke on your presentation awards! Also, congrats to Dr. Fernanda Rosa on your induction into Phi Zeta, the honor society of veterinary medicine in the United States!