Jorge Díaz Riaño

Visiting student

Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia


Jorge Diaz Riaño is a visiting graduate student pursuing his Ph.D. in engineering from Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia. He is joining the lab for a 5-month internship to receive training in single-cell research techniques. With a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in computational biology, his expertise lies in the analysis of omics datasets. He has experience in managing high-performance computing platforms dedicated to research, including both private and public cloud-based solutions, such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. His doctoral research focuses on characterizing genomic variations in pediatric patients with refractory epilepsy. He is also involved in the transcriptomic exploration of cells derived from epilepsy-affected brains, utilizing single-cell techniques, and investigating miRNAs. Furthermore, Jorge is intrigued by the prospect of developing a tailored polygenic risk score based on Colombian exomes with epilepsy-related phenotypes.

Jorge loves to cook. In fact, he is convinced that the best way to meet people, establish friendships, and get to know countries is through a deep exploration of food. He is also an avid reader, especially while awaiting his wife and little son to join him in Texas.